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Soups are a great part of the Hungarian Kitchen and not without reason. Today, I skin friend recipes share with you one of the most popular soups of Hungary, which, just like many other Hungarian dishes, has humble beginnings, meaning it was a peasant dish.

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However, these days every single household makes it several times a month as young and old equally enjoy this mouth-watering soup. Usually it is served with Hungarian Langos, which is a savory yeast pastry.

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Many consider Langos a type of bread as it is served instead of bread. However it could also be a stand-alone dish served on Markets and Fairs. These days in Hungary it is also made weekly in most households.

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There are many different variation and I will share with you two of them in another blog entry. You can also serve this soup on a day when skin friend recipes also make Hungarian CrĂȘpes as a dessert.

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Add 6 cups of water and cook for about minutes or until potato is tender but not mushy. Prepare roux by placing oil and flour into a skillet and saute to a light cream color; remove from heat and add red paprika, stir and pour into soup.

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Mix well using a cooking spoon. Cook for another 5 minutes.

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Turn off heat and sprinkle with the other half of the parsley. Serve with Langos or crusty artisan bread. Remember if you enjoy my recipes you may purchase my cookbooks, baking books, e-cookbooks and e-baking books through.