The First Hungarian Collection of Children’s Art

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Pedagogia Sub Rosa Cultural Association

The First Hungarian Collection  of Children’s Art .The museum’s formation is artists, the result of educators’, private persons’, young undergraduates’ voluntary work. Nonprofit organization.

Address: 6000 Kecskemet. Janus Pannonius .u. 11.


Telephone number: +36 70 3794409

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After Picasso we think every Child is born as an artist and we have to save this ability for the future and it would be nice if it would stay as it when they grew up. Children’s art has an unique individual language which is far from growing ups ‘s patterns, art educational know-hows.We already have a massive collection of Children’s art carefully chosen and selected by art critics and artist with the demand for quality.

The child art creation is a very valuable clear source for the contemporary art and the pedagogy. We created our collection in order that we present it and we preserve the message of the child hearts.  ( Kuratorium: Janos Aknay, Ferenc Bodri, Peter Foldi, Gyorgy Kiraly, Sandor Makoldi,Jozsef. Molnar.V. Istvan Szappanos )

We  have two collections

Collection  of Children’s Art

Children’s Museum of the Arts maintains a permanent collection of over two thousand paintings and drawings of Children’s art from around the world including Japan,Slovakia,Serbia, Romania, Swedish..

Collection of modern Art

Children and professional artist made art works .


Bács-Kiskun County Government  Katona József County Library   (2006)

Bács-Kiskun County Government Gallery ’Cifra Castle „ (2006,2007)

Modern Art Gallery „ Bagoly” (2008,2009)

Malom Art Gallery ( 2010)

Travelling Exhibition ( schools, supermarkets,  )

Museumpedagogical Project

We visit a fine art exhibition monthly 9-11 year ones with children. 5-10 head groups take a part in the program. The children dance in the exhibition hall, draw, they sing, a gift is prepared for the artist.

Web gallery- .

We work for it continuously that let Virtual Museum start the function.

School Partnerships

Museum provides arts enrichment programming to schools  for in-school classroom and after-school programs. Taught by professional artists ( Ferenc Bodri, Istvan Szappanos, Gyorgy Kiraly ), our workshops provide hands-on,  to help your students discover new ways of expressing themselves.


Summer Art   Project

Summer  Art Project provide one- and two-week day camp sessions that allow children ages 4 to 14 to immerse themselves in fun and focused arts programs  by professional Teaching Artists. The children drum, they sing, they paint,a tale is listened to, a sculpture is prepared. It is recognised and they take a liking the fire, water, air and the land.. In the camp the rule that nothing is an obligatory task, and the children after all all day very active.

Feltmaking and exhibition in the mongolian yurt  (2010- summer)

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